The AK Master Mount TM side rail (in either aluminum or steel) is the perfect way to add a red dot to the PAP 92/85, or for those ready to convert their PAP pistol to a "short barrel rifle" and add optics.  Once again this rail can be added in minutes with no permanent modifications to the receiver. 


The Vepr 12 delivers massive firepower, but is missing a side rail.  The AK Master Mount TM side rail is a great way to add optics capability to the Vepr 12 shotgun. 

This is a side rail that is easily retrofitted to most milled or stamped AK styled receivers without the need to drill and rivet, or utilize a gunsmith. It attaches to the existing hammer and trigger holes by using the proprietary mounting pins. This is a low profile, reversible modification that allows the use of the many commercially available side rail optic mounts.

The rail can be placed in minutes and can later be removed if desired as no permanent modifications are done to the receiver.  The side rail is rock solid and parallel to the barrel. The dovetail surface runs the entire surface of the rail to maximize the clamping surface area for optic mounts, unlike most factory / combloc styled side rails.  This provides an even more "rock solid" base for the many commercially available optic mounts.  The bonus of this design is that the internal shepherds crook retaining wire is no longer needed to secure the hammer and trigger assemblies.

This "no-mod" side rail is the perfect accessory for "early" AKs such as the MAK 90 and other Chinese models; Arsenal TM SA 93 and SLR 95. It also fits Century TM C39; Yugoslavian PAPs; AMD-63; Egyptian Maadi, M85, home builds and all milled and stamped AKs that utilize standard hammer and trigger axis pins.  This standard dovetail side rail also has the centralized recessed area on the dovetail rail so that it will accommodate most SVD styled locking optic mounts, as well as the standard AK styled clamping optic mounts. 

The AK Master Mount TM 2nd Generation side rail comes in either ALUMINUM with a black anodized finish or STEEL with Black-TTM coating to provide superior rust and corrosion resistance.  The aluminum version is about 4 onces lighter for those concerned with adding additional weight.  Plus it is more economical for those on a tight budget.  Both versions have heat treated, hardened steel mounting pins and the new "blacked-out" logo (unlike the white lettering on the 1st Gen). 

Note: This installed rail may interfere with use of a tight Krebs Custom TM safety leverTM .

It comes in a kit that includes the rail and mounting pins, allen wrench, and instructions.

AK Master MountTM   Side Rail